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Project Management & Services:




  • African-German Business Forum (Media Partner)
  • Nigeria in Germany Congress (NIGC) organizer
  • Cultural Ambassador Merit Media Award (KAMA) organizer
  • African Queen (Miss Africa Germany, MAG) organiger
  • Miss Nigeria Germany (MNG)organizer
  • Nigerian Community Football Club (NCG FC Hamburg) co-founder, Consultant
  • Nigerian Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Germany (co-founder, project Manager)

Print Format:

African Heritage Magazine
African Heritage is an infotainment    Afro-centric magazine for the affluent upwardly mobile African population based in Europe. It is a glossy magazine published in Germany and produced under the highest standards and traditions of Lifestyle based Journalism.
We offer our readers an inspiring, well researched and updated issue while celebrating our African Heritage together. African Heritage Magazine highlights and displays the achievements and happenings of Africans, Afro-Europeans and their associates in the fields of Business, Travel, Politics, Fashion, Culture and Arts from around the World.

Nigerian Year Book
The Nigeria Year Book has been created on the basic concept of professional networking. It contains a careful compilation of the names and contact details of key Nigerian business institutions, Nigerian government agencies and Nigerian professionals that are active in the German socio-economic sphere. This Nigerian Year Book is the perfect pipeline to the Nigerian business space. Offering business people access to authenticated contacts, sources and leads to their business goals.

Abuja Digest
Abuja Digest is the magazine for the Federal Capital Territory Administration; sit of the Federal Government of Nigeria, African’s biggest democracy and leading economy. The Magazine is published by the Hon. Minister of the Federal capital territory Abuja, a modern capital city of Nigeria, host to “who is who” in Nigeria including policy-makers, business executives and portfolio Managers.
Abuja Digest and African Heritage magazine will both be providing you the essential platform for your effective communications needs. A media platform designed to optimize the delivery of your unique message in “that” special art directly to economic and policy makers around the world.
Exploit the immense opportunities our fantastic offers provide and watch your business outreach grow like never before.

TV / Online Format
African Outlook TV
Online publications

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African Heritage On Radio
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